Where it all began

When Sabrina and DJ met through a mutual friend during high school, they became great friends. The first day Sabrina and DJ hung out at his house in 2006 with friends, she played DJ’s guitar and he said it was love at first sight. Although there were sparks, Sabrina and DJ remained friends until summer of 2008. They started dating and are still together to this day.

It all started with an instrumental DJ recorded that was lacking vocals. He asked Sabrina to try singing on it. She had no prior performing experience and was very shy but excited to give it a shot. They created the song called “No One Knows” and were so proud of it that wanted to post it somewhere. DJ had been thinking of band names for a previous band he was in and one of the names was TeraBrite but the band didn’t like it. He asked Sabrina if she liked it and she did so they made a Myspace under the name TeraBrite and things took off slowly where they gained 20,000 friends. Something that was just for fun was becoming bigger than expected.

The Start of TeraBrite on YouTube

As Sabrina and DJ earned their AA degree at a community college together they witnessed the rise of some of the first vloggers, musicians and comedians on YouTube. One day after vlogger Shay Carl said he would be using his viewer’s renditions of his intro song, they decided it would be fun to cover it and cool to see it on his show. After uploading the video to their TeraBrite YouTube channel which was an empty channel at this point, their intro was used on the SHAYTARDS vlog just 3 hours after uploading it. He loved their cover of his song and his viewers came pouring in to TeraBrite’s channel asking for more theme songs for other YouTubers as well as cover requests. After community college Sabrina went on to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media at the University of Central Florida. Making theme songs became more frequent for DJ and Sabrina and they started to vlog their life daily because many requested it and they thought it was be awesome to have a memory of every day. Eventually they started to cover popular songs, mostly pop, and doing a rock cover to give it their own twist. TeraBrite gained traction for these covers, some parodies and a few originals. On the side DJ and Sabrina started running a gaming channel and becoming a full-time YouTuber as a job became a reality.

The Future of TeraBrite

Currently Sabrina and DJ are concentrating on larger more time-consuming projects and have ended their vlogging channel VleraBrite which was daily for 4 years and weekly for 1 year. Sabrina and DJ are now growing their gaming channel TeraBriteGames and writing an album while uploading occasionally to the TeraBrite YouTube channel. They refer to themselves as much more than just musicians. They are producers, creators, videographers, editors, graphic designers and more. TeraBrite does not have plans for tours, but touring is not out of the question for the future. They have many ideas for future projects, and love that they can do what they love as their career and hope to keep it going for as long as possible.

« First ever two piece female fronted YouTube band in existence. Probably.  »