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FINDING EMERALDS FOR DYLAN! – Minecraft with SabrinaBrite

In this episode of Minecraft with Sabrina, I found emeralds as requested by a viewer named Dylan! What should I do next, leave suggestions in the comments!
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65 thoughts on “FINDING EMERALDS FOR DYLAN! – Minecraft with SabrinaBrite

  1. You read out the Emerald facts but not the Emerald Ore facts.
    Natural generation
    Emerald ore is only generated in extreme hills biomes (which actually contain more emerald ore chunks than diamond ore chunks). Due to the nature of the generation algorithm, it may be found a short distance into adjacent biomes, but always within the same chunk as an extreme hills biome, for example in river biomes which cross through them. It attempts to generate 3-8 times per each chunk, generating anywhere between layers 4 and 32, meaning it can occur as high up as gold can.
    In a world there are about 0.2 emerald ores per chunk. It will only generate in locations which would have otherwise been stone – it is thus possible for as few as 0 to 2 emeralds to generate in a chunk. Found as individual blocks, rather than veins, it can be encountered more commonly than gold, which has a similar range.
    Sorce: minecraft.gamepedia.com/Emerald_Ore

  2. The color of the villager clothing does point out what they are and what they will want. Once you start trading with a villager you will notice particles appear. Other trades will become unlocked the more you trade with them. At some point some of the trades will become locked for a time until go through all of their trades. The guys in white are Librarians and you can trade emeralds back to them for enchanted books that you can use to enchant your armor or weapons with by combining them on an anvil to the item.

  3. When harvesting sugarcane in Minecraft just take the top of it and leave the lower piece so that it regrows. Sugarcane can be planted beside water. I normally set up a big farm to get get lots of it.

  4. That area with the red sand and colorful hills is a mesa biome. I'm sure if your younger brothers follow Stacy Plays on YouTube they could tell you all about The mesa. They tend to be very rich in gold ore with gold ore found more plentiful and at even higher levels than in other biomes. Due to the fact gold can be found at higher levels it is also not uncommon to find mineshafts that come out onto the surface of the mesa, something you will not see in other boimes. Every color of colored clay can be found in a Mesa.

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