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Minecraft with Jacob – SQUIRE ON FIRE!

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10 year old Jacob plays Minecraft again but this time Jacob hires an assistant. Jacob decides to call him his squire! Things get a little crazy and he catches on fire! Make sure to like this video if you want more Minecraft with Jacob and Sabrina and DJ and Adan! We’re just a bunch of kids playing Minecraft!

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121 thoughts on “Minecraft with Jacob – SQUIRE ON FIRE!

  1. When out exploring I tend to dig down a hole 3 deep and then put up a piece of dirt over my head till it is day again. Normally I also collected 4 gold and a piece of Redstone to make the clock so I can see when the night has finished and it is safe to dig up, but putting a piece of fence over your had till then can be a good way to see out also to watch for day in the early stages. I will sometimes dig a bit wider hole and put down a furnace and cook up any raw meat collected while waiting for it to be day again.
    It is good to make a bucket and fill it with lava to fuel your furnace instead of coal. A lot of the time I also make charcoal from the trees to fuel my furnace instead of looking or coal also most of the time as it is easier to get wood.
    I always build a tall single block tower on or beside my houses that I put sand or dirt beside as I am building it up so I can dig down again on that sand or dirt. I put a torch on top. It makes it so much easier to find your house again. A lot of the time I will also build markers in an upside down L shape pointing to the direction of my house to help find my way to my home base.

  2. Guys you are the best if you reply I will get so excited and my heart will skip a beat and tell Jacob to try Five nights at Freddy's and also get Minecraft Pocket soon I will get a YouTuber Account and I will always mention you
    and I smashed the like button with my head and you always make the day best

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