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In this Pokemon GO video DJ hatches 9 x 5km eggs in Pokemon GO all at once! Putting all your eggs in incubators to hatch at the same time and then putting out a lucky egg when they are about to hatch gets you a lot of XP especially if you hatch a Pokemon that isn’t currently in your Pokédex! Let’s see if DJ hatches any rare Pokemon for his collection! Let us know in the comments if you want another video hatching 9 eggs at once using 5km eggs and/or a video hatching all 10km eggs.

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49 thoughts on “Pokemon GO – HATCHING 9 x 5KM EGGS AT ONCE!

  1. I found Mewtwo… very sneaky, I had to play that bit back a couple of times before I could confirm. I would recommend saving your stardust till you're about lvl 20 or so unless you're always attacking/defending gyms as you get much higher Pokemon later on, your Vaporeon for example is kinda average although better move set than my highest 🙁 For Vaporeon a good CP before you start powering up is 1800-1900, Flareon: 1500-1600, Jolteon: 1200-1400.

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