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SHINY GEODUDE! | Pokemon Brick Bronze | ROBLOX

Getting shiny are really hard and I want to find a RARE shiny! Can I do it?! If we hit 1000 likes, I will give away 500 Robux! SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!

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1. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss our future giveaways.
2. Like this video.
3. You have to join the Brite Army ROBLOX group otherwise we can’t give you robux: www.roblox.com/groups/group.aspx?gid=3157072
4. Whenever we hit a “like” or “subscriber” goal (specified during the stream, but usually every 100 likes and/or subscribers) during the stream, we will spin the “Wheel of Doom” (our prize wheel with a bunch of “dooms” or challenges for us to do.) If the challenge that it lands on is written in white marker, we will give a specified amount of Robux (specified during the stream, but probably 100 robux or more) to a random person in the chat that is a part of our Brite Army ROBLOX group.

→ The giveaways only takes place during the stream while it is live. If you are watching this as a video after the stream is over, the giveaway has ended until we run another giveaway in a future live stream.
→ The only personal data required for these giveaways is your ROBLOX username of which is only required so we can find you in our ROBLOX group and send you Robux.
→ YouTube is not a sponsor of this giveaway. Please release YouTube from any and all liability related to this giveaway. Entries which don’t comply with YouTube’s community guidelines will be disqualified: www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines

About Our Channel ►
Hey Brites! Welcome to our YouTube channel TeraBriteGames! Let’s play with SabrinaBrite, DJ, Jacob, Adan, Amber and other friends and family in our video game adventures! Our videos are mostly family-friendly gaming videos. We play many different games such as Minecraft, Pokemon, ROBLOX, indie games, fnaf, mobile games, console games and much more! Hope to see you return for fun gameplay! Thanks for the favorites, likes, and shares! It’s what keeps the Brite Army alive! Also, thanks for accepting these videos for what they are.. us having fun and sharing it with the world. Yes, we know.. we suck… very badly!


135 thoughts on “SHINY GEODUDE! | Pokemon Brick Bronze | ROBLOX

  1. I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21
    I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21

    I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21
    I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21
    I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21I want robux my username is HunterRoyale21

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