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WHAT DID YOU DO IN MY MINECRAFT SERVER!? | Minecraft with SabrinaBrite | Stuck in a Maze

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After we streamed on our Brite City Minecraft server we decided to set the server to survival and see what you brites could come up with while we’re away. In this video SabrinaBrite checks out the progress on the Brite City world and gets to see what you all put together while we were gone!

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159 thoughts on “WHAT DID YOU DO IN MY MINECRAFT SERVER!? | Minecraft with SabrinaBrite | Stuck in a Maze

  1. It looked like they are making that Nether portal without having found diamonds for a diamond pickaxe. You make a mold and pour in a bucket of lava and then turn it to obsidian with a bucket of water. You then remove the mold and light it once it is complete. As long as you can find iron, flint and lava you can make a portal without diamonds. With Iron, string, and wood you can also get enchanted without making an enchanting table. You just have to be very patient and fish up the books and add them using an anvil.

  2. +TeraBrite Games Hey just in case you didn't know (AS I see you typing in full names) you can just type the first couple letters of their names and press the tab button (The one to the left of the 'q' button) and it will automatically type in the name. 😀

    Same goes with commands, if you want it day just type /time s tab day/0/ d tab

  3. I've been playing on the server for ages now. little tip (that makes a huge difference) don't build a camp/shelter at the spawn. so many people raid and harvest and destroy houses. that is why all the houses in this video are nowhere near the spawn point

  4. sabrina (sorry if wrong spelt) you and your freinds are amazing. and i really like your hair. its the best hair i saw.(in real life). do a viedo of a house tour in minecraft and britecity and i subed.can u sub me

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